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But hold onto your seats, because we're not stopping there! We recently gave away the ultimate off-road prize with the Monster Truck Legend Dennis Anderson, and we have even more thrilling giveaways lined up. Purchase some merchandise or rent a series from our VOD site, and you'll automatically be entered into our next Big Sweepstakes, coming up shortly! 

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  • Hello POWER People! Hot Tips and Exciting Events Coming Your Way!
    Hello POWER People! Hot Tips and Exciting Events Coming Your Way!

    Hey there POWER people,

    July is here and we've got some hot tips for you! Hydrate like a boss, slather on that sunscreen, and keep those eyes glued to POWERtube TV—it's where all the good stuff happens!

    I've always been proud to be part of the "ground zero" of drag racing programming on television, and I'm thrilled to continue that tradition. You can join in too! Check out one of the shows we're producing for POWERtube TV. Come see the Southeast Gassers on July 20 in London, Kentucky, or catch Premier Mega Trucks in Conneaut Ohio from July 25 to 28. Our crews and I will be there, capturing all the action. These shows are fantastic to watch on POWERtube TV, but experiencing them live is unbeatable. It's fun for the whole family!

    I'm beyond thrilled with the incredible momentum and effort our PTTV team is pouring into this network. Your feedback, POWERtube TV community, has been nothing short of amazing, and we're committed

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  • Celebrate July with More Power on POWERtube TV!
    Celebrate July with More Power on POWERtube TV!

    As we gear up for another celebratory month of our nation's independence, why not add some more power to your summer? When the festivities wind down, make sure to settle in front of your TV and tune into POWERtube TV for the best automotive shows, shorts, and podcasts!

    This summer, while the temperatures rise, our classic shows will be heating up the PTTV airwaves. By popular demand, **PINKS ALL OUT** is back in the lineup all summer long! This iconic show was groundbreaking, elevating grassroots racers to a stage like never before. Created and hosted by Rich Christensen, PINKS ALL OUT became one of the most attended drag racing series in history. One memorable event at Z Max Raceway saw over 500 racers and 33,000 spectators—nothing short of awesome. And here's some exciting news: behind the scenes at POWERtube TV, Brian Bossone and the crew are already in talks with multiple drag strips about a potential return of the show in 2025. Make sure to sign up for updates

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And the winner of the Monster Truck Adventure Sweepstakes is....