About Talking About Cars

About Talking About Cars

What is the “Talking About Cars” Podcast?

Talking About Cars with Randy Kerdoon. Randy and co-host "Hot Rod" Bob Beck take you on a journey into the world of Cars & Stars. The duo are joined by celebrities and car "personalities" from all over the world. On this podcast, Randy and Bob get the answers to the questions you always wanted to ask them! Stories you haven't heard about, what’s in their garage, what was their first car, or maybe what’s on their "I want that someday" list! Make sure you watch the new series because “Everybody Has a Car Story!" 

Randy Kerdoon 

Growing up in the car capital of the world, Southern California, native Randy Kerdoon couldn’t miss the shiny cool cars on LA’s freeways and side streets!  After spending over 40 years as a multi-award-winning sportscaster, he also found a way to develop a love of cars from a certain era! While manning the mic in Los Angeles, he also reported on the classic car community over KNX 1070 Newsradi. Randy won awards with stories from SEMA, the Barrett-Jackson auctions, and about future plans to bring the 

Randy KerdoonDeLorean back as an EV. In 2014, Randy began a classic car podcast called “Talking About Cars with Randy Kerdoon” which continued until 2021, gathering awards of its own along the way. Randy has also MC’d many Southern California car shows including the “Chrysler Performance West” “Spring Fling” in Van Nuys, CA., VTAC, LAPD show in Woodland Hills, CA, the Huntington Beach, CA “Concours de Elegance”, and many others with his podcast co-host Bob Beck.    

Now “TAC” is back and a part of the “POWERtube TV” line-up! Randy and his co-host “Hot Rod” Bob Beck talk with Celebrities, Car Personalities, Social Media stars, and regular car fans because “Everybody has a car story!”      

Top nonautomotive factoids: Randy produced “Weird Al Yankovic”s first music video “My Bologna” which was a final exam in a TV production course in 1979. He was the voice of the minor league Salt Lake Trappers baseball team who won 29 games in a row in 1987.

“Hot Rod” Bob Beck

Bob Beck

Bob Beck has been a lifelong automotive enthusiast. He has built vehicles that gained prominence in automotive magazines and books such as Petersen’s Complete Book of Fords, Complete Book of Vans and Pick-ups, Complete Book of Paint and Body, and Complete Book of Engine Swaps. Ray Miller’s Nifty Fifty Fords, Legendary Ford Magazine, and others. Bob has also been involved in activities as a driver/builder in Sports car/ Sedan racing ( SCCA & FCCA, Champion C/Prod. FCCA) and Drag racing in M/Stock Datsun in AHRA competition.

Bob was a co-host of Speed Scene Live TV for over 5 years, hosted GAAS (Great American Auto Scene) on the Kaleidoscope network and as a standalone podcast for a number of years winning a DotCom award for automotive podcasts in 2022.  

Bob has also announced automotive events such as: SCCA, FCCA sports and sedans, NHRA, VRA, NDRA, ANRA, AHRA Drag Racing, and local circle track racing (Announcer/Advertising), IKF Kart racing (Sprint kart, Shifter Karts, and more), AMSA off-road racing, USAC Sprints & Midgets as well as Stock cars. At tracks like Ascot Park, Irwindale Drag Strip and Speedway, Pomona Raceway, Bakersfield Speedway, Famoso Drag Strip, LACR, Sears Point, Infineon, Gateway Int'l, and more.   Bob is more than just a pretty voice, his cars have won him trophies at car shows and driving events including the Sweepstakes award at the R.G. Canning Championship Car Shows Import Division. 

Bob also writes about cars! He’s a regularly featured contributor to RODDING USA Magazine and has contributed to various other magazines such as Old Skool Rods and Car Kulture DeLuxe and once had a regular automotive column with the Antelope Valley Press.

The Future of  Talking About Cars

Boss One Media's creation of the POWERtube TV streaming network was built for shows like this. For years we've received an outpouring of feedback from national and international fans asking for more diverse shows. The POWERtube TV network will now act as a launch pad for great new shows like this. With support from viewers and marketing partners, these shows will continue to be created and cast out for the world to view on the multiple platforms POWERtube TV supplies. With everyone's help through their social platforms and word of mouth, we can build a network "Community" together and help these creators produce more episodes and seasons for your viewing pleasure. Our goal is simple, highlight talented individuals and bring them to the elevated stage they deserve! Click the "Join the Community Button" and stay informed! 


  • June 18th - POWERtube TV 1 Year Anniversary!
    June 18th - POWERtube TV 1 Year Anniversary!

    A Journey of Growth and Community.

    Hello, POWERtube TV Nation! We are thrilled to announce that June 18th marks POWERtube TV’s one-year anniversary! Reflecting on our journey, the growth of our network over the past year has been nothing short of amazing. This milestone wouldn't have been possible without the unwavering support of our loyal viewers, fans, and creators. 

    What began as a simple idea has blossomed into a vibrant movement. Our mission was to elevate everyday racers, builders, and podcasters, giving them a platform that extends far beyond YouTube and social media. We've created a stage that spans television streaming platforms, bringing their craft to TV screens all over the world. POWERtube TV is a network that not only welcomes these unique individuals but also nurtures their skills, helping them create entertaining content that resonates with a niche automotive audience.

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  • Hello Power People!
    Hello Power People!

    Summer is officially here, and we hope you're having an amazing one! Last month on POWERtube TV, we were thrilled to bring you some exceptional programming. We kicked off the highly anticipated School of Fab, welcomed back the fan-favorite Cars and Coffee Exposed, showcased the award-winning documentary Be Who You Are, and delivered heart-pounding side-by-side gasser action on the Southeast Gasser show. Our wide mix of excellent automotive programming continues to fuel your passion for cars.

    Exciting Announcements and Upcoming Shows

    We are pleased to announce that **Married to the Rides** has been picked up for a second season! Gil, Linda, and their hardworking crew are back at it, assembling even more top-shelf car builds. Also, stay tuned for the return of Racin' w/ Mason for its third season later this summer, featuring Mason Dixon as he hunts down some of the craziest grassroots racing you've ever seen. Plus, gear up for the thrill

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