About Nichols Customs

About Nichols Customs

About Nichols Customs

Born and raised in Watseka, Illinois, Justin Nichols owner of Nichols Paint & Fab was a by-product of his father, a man genuinely connected to the life of fast cars and flashy paint jobs.  His love for anything automotive led to his creation of Nichols Paint and Fab.

In a relatively short time, Justin has already accomplished what many fabricators and builders around the world seek from their careers... two full seasons of his own TV series on MotorTrend "Wrench'd." A three-time builder on Spike TV's Search and Restore and featured twice on Powernation, Justin has become an automotive icon. His ability and passion to create some of the most amazing hot rods and custom rides to ever cruise the streets of Illinois have become an inspiration for many automotive enthusiasts nationwide.

Beyond the Search and Restore TV series, Justin's work has been showcased in Classic Truck, Street Rodder, Raw Bike, Hot Rod, Bagger, American Bagger, and Built Not Bought magazines, as well as being awarded for many other top of-class, Top 20 at World of Wheels Chicago, Street Rodder top 100 in the nation, Top 10 at Syracuse Nationals, Builders Choice, best of show and paint awards. Recently, Justin and his staff won Best Traditional Hot Rod and Best in Class with their 1929 Ford Sedan at World of Wheels in Chicago.  

Justin continues to run his business, Nichols Paint and Fab, where he designs and fabricates some of the most appealing hot rods and custom motorcycles to come out of the state of Illinois. “Nichols Customs” is his new show on POWERtube TV which follows Justin and his crew during their wild custom builds and crazy antics at their new shop in Illinois. If you liked the old show, you’re gonna love his new show on the New POWERtube TV streaming Network. New Shop, New Crew Members, and New Crazy Custom Builds! 

Justin Nichols - Meet the owner of Nichols Paint and Fab! 

Justin Nichols

Justin Nichols has already accomplished what many fabricators and builders around the world seek from their careers.

He continues to run his business where he designs and fabricates some of the most appealing hot rods and custom motorcycles to come out of the state of Illinois. Justin has put together quite the 'A' Team to work towards success.

Meet The Crew 

Marrgan AshlineMeet Maegan Ashline! You probably all know her from Wrench’d on MotorTrend. Maegan has been at Nichols Paint and Fab since 2015. She specializes in CNC designing and runs the CNC table, metal fabrication, and bead rolling. Maegan also runs some of the behind-the-scenes of the business. Maegan helps make everything at Nichols Paint and Fab happen! Her favorite car would be a 54’ Bel Air. 

Rachel Verkler

Meet Rachel Verkler! She has previously worked with us as our merchandiser, and she has rejoined the team as our sales/public relations manager. She is great at pushing sales, planning events, helping the staff, and putting her input on where the company can improve. She is an import asset to our team and we're so happy to have her back! Her favorite car is a 67' Shelby Mustang.

Andrew Finke

Meet Andrew Finke! Andrew has been our part-time RC Repair Specialist since March 2023! He is very knowledgeable on everything RC, and is a great addition to the crew. His favorite car is a 65’ Mustang 2+2 Fastback.

Damon Butler

Meet Damon Butler! Damon has worked with us previously as a body work guy, and is now one of our fabricators! He does sheet metal work, fabrication, and assembly in our shop. We’re glad to have him back on our crew!! His favorite car is a 87’ Fox Body Mustang.

Greg Huizenga “Ziggy”

Meet Jeff Cook! Jeff started at Nichols Paint and Fab towards the end of July, 2023. He is currently in the paint shop, but can fabricate as well. “Famous Jeff” also races RC cars professionally. He is a great addition to our crew and we’re glad he’s working with us! His favorite vehicle is a 68 C10.

Greg Huizenga “Ziggy”Meet Greg Huizenga “Ziggy”. Most of you may know him from the show Wrench'd on Motortrend. A day in the life of Ziggy consists of watching over the floor at our Fab shop while grinding away as one of our Welders & Fabricators. His favorite car is a 70’ Camaro.

Harold IrieHarold Irie has been one of our automotive painters since September 2021. He is a reserved person but still likes to have fun with the rest of the crew. Harold is a valuable member of our very skilled crew working at our state-of-the-art shop. His favorite car is a 69’ Chevelle.  

Cory GermanCory German has decided to join our team here. He is a mechanic and is learning the fabrication ropes as we move along and grow as a company. We are happy to have such an eager and dedicated person join our crew. His favorite car is a 70’ Nova.

Mike GuimondMeet our very talented fabricator, sheet metal worker, and welder Mike Guimond. Mike is a workaholic with an eye for precision. We are very proud to have him on our crew. His favorite car would be a 70’ square body truck.

Russ Purnell Jr.Meet Russ Purnell Jr.! Russ has been one of our performance techs since May 2022. He is one of our old-school mechanics, specializing in wiring, performance, and assembly. He is a problem solver, attentive to details, and has fun working on different, unique cars. His favorite car is a 69’ GTO. 

Kurt VanderMolenMeet Kurt VanderMolen! Since April 2022, he has been one of our performance techs and works on tuning, assembly, and mechanic work. The best part of Kurt’s job is finishing projects and turning them into show-quality builds. Kurt’s favorite car is a 69’ Camaro.

Jamie BoydMeet Jamie Boyd! Jamie is our Parts Specialist and has been here since October 2021. Consulting with customers and other automotive specialists, he is an excellent communicator. First one in, last one out, Jamie’s favorite part of his job is helping people out. Jamie’s favorite car is a Yenko Camaro

Dan WilliamsDan Williams, our 3D software/programmer, has been working at Nichols officially since June 2022, but has worked with Justin for many years. It takes an innovative person to make his creative projects. Dan is the one that turns dreams into reality. His favorite car is a 66’ Chevelle

Taylor RogersMeet Taylor Rogers! She has been our Merchandiser at Nichols since August 2022. Her favorite part of her job is promoting everything Nichols, especially related to social media marketing. Taylor maintains a positive and friendly attitude with customers and coworkers and is very attentive to details. Taylor’s favorite car is a Chevy II Nova.

The Future of  Nichols Customs TV show on PT

Boss One Media's creation of the POWERtube TV streaming network was built for shows like this. For years we've received an outpouring of feedback from national and international fans asking for more diverse shows. The POWERtube TV network will now act as a launch pad for great new shows like this. With support from viewers and marketing partners, these shows will continue to be created and cast out for the world to view on the multiple platforms POWERtube TV supplies. With everyone's help through their social platforms and word of mouth, we can build a network "Community" together and help these creators produce more episodes and seasons for your viewing pleasure. Our goal is simple, highlight talented individuals and bring them to the elevated stage they deserve! Click the "Join the Community Button" and stay informed!


  • June 18th - POWERtube TV 1 Year Anniversary!
    June 18th - POWERtube TV 1 Year Anniversary!

    A Journey of Growth and Community.

    Hello, POWERtube TV Nation! We are thrilled to announce that June 18th marks POWERtube TV’s one-year anniversary! Reflecting on our journey, the growth of our network over the past year has been nothing short of amazing. This milestone wouldn't have been possible without the unwavering support of our loyal viewers, fans, and creators. 

    What began as a simple idea has blossomed into a vibrant movement. Our mission was to elevate everyday racers, builders, and podcasters, giving them a platform that extends far beyond YouTube and social media. We've created a stage that spans television streaming platforms, bringing their craft to TV screens all over the world. POWERtube TV is a network that not only welcomes these unique individuals but also nurtures their skills, helping them create entertaining content that resonates with a niche automotive audience.

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  • Hello Power People!
    Hello Power People!

    Summer is officially here, and we hope you're having an amazing one! Last month on POWERtube TV, we were thrilled to bring you some exceptional programming. We kicked off the highly anticipated School of Fab, welcomed back the fan-favorite Cars and Coffee Exposed, showcased the award-winning documentary Be Who You Are, and delivered heart-pounding side-by-side gasser action on the Southeast Gasser show. Our wide mix of excellent automotive programming continues to fuel your passion for cars.

    Exciting Announcements and Upcoming Shows

    We are pleased to announce that **Married to the Rides** has been picked up for a second season! Gil, Linda, and their hardworking crew are back at it, assembling even more top-shelf car builds. Also, stay tuned for the return of Racin' w/ Mason for its third season later this summer, featuring Mason Dixon as he hunts down some of the craziest grassroots racing you've ever seen. Plus, gear up for the thrill

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