About Become Who You Are

About Become Who You Are


Directed by Virginie and Augustin Dulauroy. Pindare Films is proud to present the upcoming docu-series DO SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY, directed and produced by Virginie and Augustin Dulauroy.  This motorsport docu-series charts the story of Gabe Tesch, an 18-year-old racing driver and brain cancer survivor in his attempt to do something extraordinary and climb to the top of the motorsport ladder!  Virginie Dulauroy is a well-recognized film director in the motorsport world. This series takes you on and off the track to learn about Gabe’s life, his battle against brain cancer, and his journey to become a racing driver.  “I survived a 48-day radiation treatment cycle, followed by 48 weeks of chemotherapy for brain cancer. I am not simply a childhood cancer survivor… I am a racing driver!” Gabe Tesch. On February 24th, Gabe left his home, flying to the UK to begin his racing career and compete in the 2022 British Formula Ford Championship. "Racing Formula Ford in Europe and following in the footsteps of so many legendary F1 drivers, is a dream come true." Gabe Tesch.  Season 1 of the series follows Gabe on his racing journey in the UK. Get to know him personally and look back to learn about his disease and recovery. Experience the demanding and emotional world of motorsport through the eyes of this young man. See his training to become an athlete, the challenges of finding sponsors, and much more.  Wear Gabe’s helmet and understand what it takes to become a professional racing driver. “God did not get me through cancer just to survive, but to show me I am meant to do something extraordinary! We all are!” Gabe Tesch's “Do Something Extraordinary " is not only a motorsport series, it is the story of a child who overcame cancer, the story of an entire family. This is an authentic human story.” Virginie Dulauroy. ”I hope this story will inspire people, just like it inspires me. Each one of us can achieve what we aim for as long as we want it deeply enough. I believe that fighting cancer gave Gabe the strength to pursue a racing driver career. He could have wanted to become an astronaut, an olympian or whatever. The most important is not where he goes but what he does to achieve his dream.” Augustin Dulauroy. "This story will inspire other young people, as well as families and individuals that are fighting against life’s challenges" Virginie adds: “The series will give hope to kids in the hospital, the series will give strength to families in difficulties. As a mum, I felt personally drawn into this story to tell.” Do Something Extraordinary is not only a racing story.  It is a human story that anyone can relate to in their own life. Highs and lows, victories and defeats.

About “Become Who You Are”

"Become Who You Are" is a sports documentary directed and produced by Virginie Dulauroy of Pindare Films LLC. Set at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France, it follows the on and off-track lives of four international drivers: Scott Dixon (six-time IndyCar Champion), Bruno Senna (Ayrton Senna's nephew), Memo Rojas (Mexican driver and three-time 24 Hours of Daytona champion), and Jules Gounon.

This unique documentary offers unprecedented behind-the-scenes access, revealing the private lives of the drivers like never before. Audiences witness intimate moments with the Senna family, the Dixon family at home, Memo Rojas' training regimen, and the aftermath of crashes and surgeries. It explores what drives these athletes to push their limits.

Following these racers from the beginnings of their careers to Le Mans, the documentary includes a tour of the Chip Ganassi workshop, an IndyCar race with Scott Dixon, and a tribute to Ayrton Senna featuring Bruno Senna driving an MP4/4. Viewers also see archival photos and videos from the drivers' childhoods, learning how their legacies, sacrifices, and training shaped them into who they are today.

The film features prominent athletes and celebrities like Chip Ganassi and Carlos Slim Domit, creating a fast-paced and intimate look at the world of racing.


Bruno Senna

Bruno is a Brazilian racing driver and the nephew of the legendary racing driver Ayrton Senna.

Bruno currently races in the LMP1 Category for Rebellion Racing team in the World Endurance Championship.

In 2017, Bruno won, in the LMP2 category and with the same team, the World Endurance Championship with his co-drivers Nicolas Prost and Julien Canal.

In 2019, Bruno became the first driver ever to win a race in each class of the World Endurance Championship category.

Off the track, Bruno is a McLaren automotive ambassador.

To learn more about Bruno, his legacy, his career and his life in Monaco, stay tuned and watch for Behind the Helmet’s release date!

Memo Rojas

Memo is a Mexican racing driver, son of Guillermo Rojas Sr.

Memo Rojas is a 3 times winner of the 24 Hours of Daytona. He also won the Sebring 12 Hours race in 2014 before winning, for the second time, in 2019 the European Le Mans Series.

Memo is part of the Escuderia Telmex development program in Mexico. 

Off track Memo trains a lot to achieve his goal to win the triple crown of endurance racing. To achieve that goal, Memo needs to win the 24 Hours of Mans race!

To learn more about Memo, his legacy, his career and how he balances his life with his racing career, stay tuned and watch for Behind the Helmet’s release date!

Scott Dixon

Scott Dixon is a racing driver from New-Zealand.

20 years ago, he moved in Indianapolis (USA) where he races successfully in Indycar for Chip Ganassi Team.

Scott is a 6 time Indycar Champion. He also won the Indy 500 in 2008.

For the last 4 years, Scott was part of the Ford GT Program in IMSA and in Le Mans 24.

In 2020, Scott won the Rolex 24 at Daytona with Wayne Taylor's racing team.

Off track, Scott raises his 3 kids with his wife Emma. Scott loves spending time with his family!

This weekend, Scott will be competing at the Indy500 to win a new title.

To learn more about Scott, his childhood, his career, his long relationship with Chip Ganassi team, and how he balances his family life with the racing, stay tuned and watch for Behind the Helmet’s release date!

Jules Gounon

Jules is a French racing driver, son of the former racing driver Jean-Marc Gounon.

In 2017, Jules won the 24 Hours of Spa, before becoming in 2018, at the age of 22, a Bentley factory driver.

Jules took part for the first time at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2019 with Risi Competizione.

In 2020, Jules won the Bathurst 12 Hours and became the first French driver ever to win that race.

To learn more about Jules, his mental and physical preparation as a racer, his career, his struggles, and his successes, stay tuned and watch for Behind the Helmet’s release date!