About Burnout

About Burnout

Burnout Action and Drama

"Burnout" ignites the screen with high-octane action and heart-pounding drama as two teams of ten students from Universal Technical Institute (UTI) go head-to-head in the ultimate drag racing challenge. Hosted by freestyle Motocross legend Carey Hart and six-time Nitro Top Fuel Champion Clay Millican, "Burnout" pushes automotive enthusiasts to their limits as they race against the clock to build their dream cars in just 100 hours.

But the road to victory is paved with obstacles as judges, including NHRA greats like Jason Line, Cruz Pedregon, and Antron Brown, throw curveballs at the teams with challenges that could make or break their builds. With every challenge won, precious hours are added to their build time, giving them a critical edge in the race to the finish line.

As the tension mounts and the engines roar, the teams must channel their skills and determination to create machines that are as powerful and reliable. When the final showdown arrives, there can only be one winner, leaving the losing team to witness their hard work crushed before their eyes.

"Burn Out" brings thrills like no other, with intense competition and heart-stopping action. Don't miss a second!