About Cars and Coffee Exposed

About Cars and Coffee Exposed


What are Cars & Coffee events? 

The original concept for Cars and Coffee began nearly twenty years ago at Newport Beach’s Crystal Cove Promenade in California. The concept was initially informal and revolved around automotive enthusiasts gathering on weekend mornings to showcase their cars, share stories, and discuss their shared passion for automobiles over a cup of coffee. These group of enthusiasts would bring their unique and interesting vehicles, ranging from classic cars to modern sports cars, and park them in the parking lot.

Over time, these gatherings gained popularity through word-of-mouth and attracted a larger and more diverse crowd of car enthusiasts. The casual and inclusive atmosphere, combined with the variety of vehicles on display, created a unique social experience for car lovers.

As the Cars and Coffee events grew in size and reputation, they began to spread to other cities across the United States and eventually gained global recognition. Local communities and automotive organizations started organizing their own Cars and Coffee events, adhering to the informal and relaxed nature of the original concept.

The rise of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter also played a significant role in the expansion of Cars and Coffee car shows. Enthusiasts started sharing photos and videos from these events, helping to further promote and popularize the concept.

To this day, the organizers of the hundreds of independently run Cars and Coffee events across the US, which often draw over 1000 cars and 5000+ spectators to a single event, have worked diligently to uphold the original intent of the founders: consistently create a welcoming, enthusiastic atmosphere that celebrates the automobile culture.

What is the Cars & Coffee Exposed TV show?

From these incredible events, DHG MOTO has decided to create this new video series to bring these incredible events into your home with Cars and Coffee Exposed. The series will travel to some of the biggest Cars and Coffee events across the US and feature the sights, sounds, people, and unique features that make every Cars and Coffee event exciting and unique. Show host Chelsea Allen exposes the local car culture, meets the owners, and highlights their cool classics and modern supercars. Mix in event coverage, ride alongs and you’ll get exposed to every detail of these great events and locations! 

Meet The Host Chelsea Allen

Chelsea Allen is no stranger to the car business. She grew up in car dealerships tagging along with her trailblazing parents as they serviced their many aftermarket clients. So, it’s safe to say that the business is in Chelsea’s blood.

As the owner of Crush Customs, Chelsea strives to exceed the industry standards in both craftsmanship and service for all of her customers, whether they’re first-timers or returning clients. The goal is to create high expectations that she and her team will meet every single time.

Outside of work, Chelsea has a deep love for music and movement (she’s a classically trained dancer!). She even competed as a contestant on MTV’s Making the Band, where she worked with music legends, Sean Diddy Combs and Andre Harrell. Currently, Chelsea spends most of her weekends touring with a 15-piece band that specializes in large private events.


Upcoming TV Shoots: 

- West Palm Beach, Fl - Cars & Coffee June 18th (Completed)

- Knoxville, Tennessee - Cars & Coffee July 30th 


Expose your ride:

If you think you have what it takes to get your ride on our show, send us pictures of your pride and joy and a brief description of what you’ve done to be exposure worthy. The crew at Cars and Coffee Exposed™ will take a look. If you’ve got what it takes, we’ll do a profile of your car and an on-camera interview of you at our next Cars & Coffee Exposed™ video shoot in your area.

To enter Expose Your Ride:

1) See a list of Cars and Coffee shows and dates below.

2) Attach no more than 10 photos of your ride

3) Include a brief description (250 words) of the build, the history, the unique features, and basically anything you want that makes your vehicle exposure worthy.

Cars and Coffee Exposed™ will be selecting our “keepers” and will notify you at least two weeks before we’re in your area.



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