About The Car Guy Show

About The Car Guy Show

Timothy Miller: 

Timothy Miller, host of The Car Guy Show, boasts a distinguished career as an award-winning magazine publisher, recognized for his contributions to enthusiast lifestyle publications. His national automotive luxury magazine, “American Driver Magazine,” earned acclaim as one of the “Hottest Magazine Launches of 2007.” Renowned for his extensive network in the automotive world, Tim has interviewed and featured industry icons, from Carroll Shelby to Jay Leno. With a boundless passion for all things motorized, Tim explores every avenue of the Car Guy Life, from racing on tracks to cruising lakes and soaring through the skies in ultralight aircraft. His diverse experiences, from the Rubicon Trail to Pebble Beach, exemplify his dedication to Car Guy Culture.

Kristin Treager: 

Kristin Treager, co-host of The Car Guy Show, wears many hats with finesse. A skilled media personality and attorney, she's also a seasoned race car driver. Kristin's journey began at Junior Raceway Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma, igniting a lifelong passion under Alf Gebhardt's tutelage. Her racing prowess shines through numerous championships, from local circuits to national triumphs like the 2013 GTC4 National Championship. Kristin's academic achievements are equally impressive, graduating with honors from both Northeastern State University and the University of Tulsa College of Law. With a major in psychology and a minor in business, Kristin embodies excellence on and off the track.

Luke Betchner: 

Luke Betchner, the country singer-songwriter hailing from Chandler, Arizona, brings a unique blend of pop, country, and classic rock to the stage. Starting his musical journey in local venues during high school, Luke's talent quickly shone, becoming the youngest member of a classic rock band by over two decades. Since relocating to Dallas in 2011, he's captivated audiences across Arizona, Texas, and Tennessee with his infectious passion and witty humor. Luke's musical prowess extends beyond vocals, as he skillfully plays the guitar, bouzouki, and piano. Growing up on the race track, Luke's driving skills are as impressive as his musical talents, making him a true multi-faceted performer.