Hello Power People!

Summer is officially here, and we hope you're having an amazing one! Last month on POWERtube TV, we were thrilled to bring you some exceptional programming. We kicked off the highly anticipated School of Fab, welcomed back the fan-favorite Cars and Coffee Exposed, showcased the award-winning documentary Be Who You Are, and delivered heart-pounding side-by-side gasser action on the Southeast Gasser show. Our wide mix of excellent automotive programming continues to fuel your passion for cars.

Exciting Announcements and Upcoming Shows

We are pleased to announce that **Married to the Rides** has been picked up for a second season! Gil, Linda, and their hardworking crew are back at it, assembling even more top-shelf car builds. Also, stay tuned for the return of Racin' w/ Mason for its third season later this summer, featuring Mason Dixon as he hunts down some of the craziest grassroots racing you've ever seen. Plus, gear up for the thrill of Premier Mega Truck Racing coming this July.

What's Coming in June?

I know you’re asking yourself, “But Ray, what about June?” We've got you covered! This month will see the start of V8TV, plus more episodes of Talking About Cars, WFO Radio, The Tom Baker Show, Playing in Traffic, and a few surprises. Later this month, we'll roll out even more ways for you to watch POWERtube TV. And YES, it’s still 100% FREE!

Stay Tuned for a Monumental Announcement

Be sure to keep an eye on our socials for what can only be described as a monumental announcement!

Thank you for standing by us and supporting POWERtube TV by watching, sharing, subscribing, and buying our sweet merch. As we continue to grow, we're adding more shows, attracting more viewers, and offering more ways for you to watch. As always, my Power People, you can’t have speed without power.

Raymond Iddings  
Head of Development