About Pinks All Outtakes

About Pinks All Outtakes


Coming from the success of the Pinks All Out TV show and racing events, this series was created to go behind the scenes and help to enlighten viewers on what a "phenomenon" the "Pinks" series became. Highlighting some of the 30,000 people attending the "All Out" race events and drivers, this show gives insight into the drag racing culture and the people that attended these events.


Once upon a time, in the exhilarating world of drag racing, a captivating television show known as "Pinks All Out" emerged on the Speed channel. It quickly became a beloved series among motorsports enthusiasts, captivating viewers with its intense competition, passionate racers, and heart-pounding moments on the race track.

"Pinks All Out" was not just any ordinary racing show. It showcased the true spirit of grassroots drag racing, celebrating the passion and skill of amateur racers from all walks of life. The show provided a platform for these racers to showcase their talents, pitting them against each other in thrilling head-to-head battles.

There was a twist that set "Pinks All Out" apart from other racing shows. The series showcased an "all-out" format, meaning that racers had to give it their all from start to finish. There were no handicaps, no predetermined gaps in times or speeds. It was a pure test of skill and determination.

The beauty of "Pinks All Out" was not only in the racing action, but also in the stories of the racers themselves. Each driver had a unique journey, a story of dreams, sacrifices, and relentless pursuit of speed. Viewers witnessed the camaraderie that developed among the racers, the friendships formed in the pits, and the support they provided to one another despite being fierce competitors.

The show's host, Rich Christensen, brought his own brand of charisma and enthusiasm to the screen. With his signature armdrop start and infectious energy, he added an extra layer of excitement to the proceedings, engaging viewers and making them feel like part of the racing community.

Throughout its run, "Pinks All Out" became a symbol of the grassroots racing scene. It showcased the dedication, perseverance, and love for the sport that drove these racers to push the limits of their machines and themselves. It inspired a new generation of motorsports enthusiasts, encouraging them to embrace their passion and pursue their dreams.

While the show eventually reached its conclusion, the legacy of "Pinks All Out" continues to live on POWERtube TV. But don’t fear as a new generation of racers will soon be able to call themselves “All Out Racers”, as the next version of this incredible event is in the works and the only place you will see it is on this network!


Boss One Media's creation of the POWERtube TV streaming network was built for shows like this. For years we've received an outpouring of feedback from national and international fans asking for more shows and events. The POWERtube TV network will now act as a re-launch pad for future shows and live events. With support from viewers and marketing partners, revivals of hit shows like this will return and be cast onto multiple viewing platforms for the world to see one more time. But this can only happen with your help. Spread the word and let the world know these shows are on POWERtube TV. With everyone's help through their social platforms and word of mouth, we can build a network "Community" together and bring these shows back. Our goal is simple, highlight the fans and racers that supported these shows in the past and bring them back to the elevated stage they deserve! Click the "Join the Community Button" and stay informed! 


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