About Webbs Off Road Garage

About Webbs Off Road Garage

What is Webb’s Off Road Garage?

Webb’s Off Road Garage is a new series in development with Boss One Media LLC., for the New POWERtube TV streaming network. The series follows Chris Webb in his home garage shop building some of the trickiest Jeeps and off-road vehicles in the country. From fully tricked-out suspension kits to full frame-off custom builds, Chris covers it all. The series is meant to give the viewer an informative look into what it takes to build an off-road-worthy ride. Along the way, Chris will show viewers his various tricks of the trade and knowledge of suspension setups for mild to extreme off-roading. Welding is a big part of these builds and there is no better person to show you how to properly construct a frame and set up suspensions than Chris. Chris is a master welder fabricator with years of experience.  So hold on and grab your remote control for an informative fun ride with Chris in his Off Road Garage! 

Who is Chris Webb from Webb’s Off Road Garage? 

Chris Webb is a highly skilled welder and fabricator who is known for his expertise in building offroad vehicles, parts, and designs. With a passion for creating strong and functional pieces, Chris has established himself as a prominent figure in the offroad community.

From a young age, Chris showed a natural inclination for welding and metalworking. Fascinated by the art of welding, he honed his skills through determination and hands-on experience, which eventually led him into the world of offroading.

Chris’s exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, have made him a sought-after welder and fabricator in the industry. He has collaborated with several off-road social media personalities to bring their 4x4 visions to life. Chris is also known for designing and producing the best double-shear hydro assist steering clamp in the offroad industry.

Chris’s skills recently caught the attention of Powertube TV where Chris hosts his show called “Webb’s Offroad Garage”.  Each episode showcases his expertise as he tackles challenging offroad builds and shares valuable tips and tricks. His approachable and down-to-earth demeanor makes the show both educational and entertaining.

Beyond his show, Chris is dedicated to promoting responsible offroading, racing, and helping others with their projects.

With his exceptional talent, emerging screen presence, and unwavering passion for welding, fabrications, and offroading, Chris Webb has become a respected figure in the offroad community. His unique combination of skills has made him an influential force, inspiring others, and leaving a lasting impact in the world of offroading.

Chris Webb

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